Angora Rabbit

Animal Fiber Yarns (Part 2)

Tweet Continuing our series on animal fiber yarns, we’re exploring the next few fibers on the original list;  angora, beaver, buffalo, bison and cashmere (ah….the glorious cashmere). Angora Properties You are more than likely already familiar with angora as it is a very popular yarn primarily due to it’s soft and fluffy quality.  Angora yarn […]

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Animal Fiber Yarns (Part 1)

Tweet Continuing our series on yarn fibers (see also Milk Yarn? How does that work? Part 1), I have the great pleasure to begin looking at animal fibers. Some of my most favorite yarns fall into this category so I’m delighted to have this opportunity and hope that you, may find a few new favorites […]

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Miley Slouchy Beret

“Miley” Slouchy Beret

Tweet Ah, the slouchy beret.  It took much longer bringing this pattern to you than was ever intended however, I’m certain that you’ll be able to relate to the story. I was seeing the general style just about everywhere I looked.  Have you ever had that happen to you?  You focus on something and suddenly […]

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Linnea Kline signature

Plant Fiber Yarns

Tweet Continuing on with our yarn fiber series, (see also eco-friendly yarns and bio-synthetic yarns)  this week we delve into plant fibers.  Plant fibers are derived either from leaves, stems (known as bast fibers), or seeds of plants.   Cotton is a seed fiber produced from the cotton boll, and ramie, linen and flax are […]

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Extreme Knitting

Tweet This is a truly fascinating video… Talk about re-purposing yarns, Extreme Knitting creates a 1000 strand yarn and proceeds to knit a mattress out of it. It’s CRAZY! I had to watch it a couple of times to believe it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’ll get you […]

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Noah the alpaca

Is Alpaca Farming for You?

Tweet As many of you are aware, I’ve recently had a couple of alpaca meeting opportunities that raised my curiosity about the business of alpaca farming.  I’ve heard (off and on) for years that the alpaca business is a gold mine but didn’t know why so I decided to poke around a bit and connected […]

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Eco-friendly Yarns and Knitting

Tweet In honor of Earth Day, I’m continuing my fiber series by covering a few of the more eco-friendly ‘yarns’ available for you to choose from to help you recycle, reuse, and reduce.  The topic is worthy of it’s own discussion since eco-friendly yarns span the animal, plant and bio-synthetic categories. Recycled yarns Several yarns […]

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Are more men knitting?

Tweet A couple of weeks ago the Wall Street Journal reported that truckers are taking up stitching to pass idle time.  Yes, really, men do knit.  It was in fact, very likely men who invented the craft to begin with.  The craft originated in the middle east and was spread throughout the world by the […]

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