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Animal Fiber Yarns (Part 2)

Tweet Continuing our series on animal fiber yarns, we’re exploring the next few fibers on the original list;  angora, beaver, buffalo, bison and cashmere (ah….the glorious cashmere). Angora Properties You are more than likely already familiar with angora as it is a very popular yarn primarily due to it’s soft and fluffy quality.  Angora yarn […]

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Animal Fiber Yarns (Part 1)

Tweet Continuing our series on yarn fibers (see also Milk Yarn? How does that work? Part 1), I have the great pleasure to begin looking at animal fibers. Some of my most favorite yarns fall into this category so I’m delighted to have this opportunity and hope that you, may find a few new favorites […]

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Plant Fiber Yarns

Tweet Continuing on with our yarn fiber series, (see also eco-friendly yarns and bio-synthetic yarns)  this week we delve into plant fibers.  Plant fibers are derived either from leaves, stems (known as bast fibers), or seeds of plants.   Cotton is a seed fiber produced from the cotton boll, and ramie, linen and flax are […]

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Eco-friendly Yarns and Knitting

Tweet In honor of Earth Day, I’m continuing my fiber series by covering a few of the more eco-friendly ‘yarns’ available for you to choose from to help you recycle, reuse, and reduce.  The topic is worthy of it’s own discussion since eco-friendly yarns span the animal, plant and bio-synthetic categories. Recycled yarns Several yarns […]

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Milk yarn? How does that work? (Part 1)

Tweet A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to fondle a swatch of Milky Whey (by Kollage) made from milk and soy yarns.  YUM!  It provided instant finger delight  (I made a mental note to try it as soon as I get a couple projects off of my needles) but.. milk yarn?  How does […]

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Yarn Hank, Skein or Ball?

Tweet Not long ago I was asked why some yarn is sold in hanks, some in skeins and some in balls.  The only answer I could proffer at the time was that it must depend upon the manufacturer but I couldn’t let it go with that.  Somewhere in the recesses, I thought I recalled a […]

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